Top 5 Exercise For Increasing Sexual Stamina Naturally

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, so goes the age-old adage. If there is one wish that resonates amongst most men is how to be a better lover to their spouses or even partners.  For many men, providing long lasting intimate sexual experiences is one of the best ways they can express their love to their partners. A lot of men think that such intimacy can only be achieved through the use of sexual enhancing drugs such as Viagra and Cialis. These people could.t be more wrong. There are simple ways and means through which sexual stamina can be increased naturally, and permanent results can be seen.

A lot of men suffer silently with erectile dysfunction and thus amassing sexual stamina that can be used to give that wow experience to their partner at times proves challenging. As one age, muscles atrophy and this brings about changes in normal body structure. You cannot have the same stamina you once had in your hey days. This is a natural process of growth and aging. However, there are some simple tips that you can make use of to help you enjoy mind blowing sexual escapades like you never imagined before.


One of the natural ways to increase stamina in bed is to look one various specific muscle of the body, and one of them that one can work on is the tongue. A lot of people enjoy oral sex, and this is mainly done using the tongue. In many cases, when performing oral sex, the tongue might tend to cramp up or feel tired quickly. Exercising the tongue can help boost satisfaction for her. This exercise is as simple as pushing the tongue on the hard palate on the top of the mouth for some repetitions several times a day. One can also use grapes in the mouth to exercise and try crushing them with the tongue alone when pressed to the hard palate. By and by the tongue will grow to become stronger and this is one natural way to increase satisfaction of oral sex and you find that you tend to last longer.


This is yet another of the easiest ways to naturally increase sexual stamina in bed. When one gets adequate sleep, the body is able to generate enough testosterone, which in effect triggers sexual arousal. Lack of enough sleep leads to low levels of testosterone in the body which is consistent with erectile dysfunction. What’s more, it is important that one has a consistent sleep and wake up time for the best results. In cases where getting adequate sleep proves to be difficult, it is recommended that you try to make your area of sleeping as comfortable as possible, cut out most of the distractions and have the dim light which promotes sleep.

Arm exercises

It is no lie that at times one may have the sexual stamina, but the arms may be tired, and one tends to get exhausted due to propping one’s self. Sexual stamina goes hand in hand with forearm strength, and one must get the right exercise for the arms so that they can keep up with sexual stamina. Strength training is thus recommended as it helps in building resistance in the arms and thus better sex experiences.


One of the causes of premature ejaculation that has affected most men at least once is their lives is breathing. A lot of men tend to forget to breathe during sex and thus the body has little or no energy to nourish the cells, thus comes too quickly. To avert this problem, it is recommended that one tries to connect their mind to sex and thus breathing through the fun results. Placing the mind to focus on all the awareness it feels helps a man to be in charge of their sexual arousal levels and thus control how they their ejaculation time. Deep breathing aids in muscle relaxation and thus makes sex much more fun as opposed when one is tense.


One can also exercise the pelvic floor muscles to gain control over their arousal and ejaculation. The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles used to regulate the flow of urine as well as ejaculation. Regular exercise of these muscles makes one gain more control over their ejaculation, thus enabling them to last longer in bed. These exercises are great because they can be done discreetly, especially when one has some free time in their day. Progressive exercise will cause increased sexual control and pleasure for both.

In cases where all else fails, one can try to consult a medical practitioner so they can recommend of medicine that can be used to aid in sexual arousal. There are many products that can be used available in the market. However, Viarexin is a great alternative that can be used to increase sexual stamina without numerous side effects as is common with many sexual enhancing drugs. Choose the best method which helps solve ED permanently.